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How To Increase Your Productivity

We have all been there, especially the last month - How many times have you used the words " I am so busy!"? Lets be frank, being BUSY and PRODUCTIVE are two separate things. So the questions is, how productive are we? If you feel that there aren't enough hours to accomplish everything you want, then I carefully recommend you follow these steps to increase your productivity.

Write Things Down

Funny enough, I had this conversation with a client a week ago. I am old school when it comes to "to-do" lists. I have a standard notebook, I write every task down and cross if off as its completed. Writing things down allows you to have purpose and accountability. Not to mention, does it ever feel good when you are crossing things off your list. I personally prefer writing things on a piece of paper rather than on my phone or computer. In fact, studies have shown that hand writing is better for your brain than typing. It helps with conceptual understanding and retention.


There aren't enough hours in a day if you are someone who wears multiple hats or living a husting lifestyle. MAKE SURE you prioritize your goals and have a realistic approach. Biggest lesson I have learnt lately is not to overpromise. Don't overload your to-do list. Be ambitious but realistic.

Block time

This is one I never did - until lately after reading an article on this. Compartmentalize your day in action slots. This is how it looks like to block time:

7:30 - 9:00 - Coffee, News, and respond to emails

9:00 - 9:30 - Create and review to-do list

9:30 -10:00 - Client follow-ups and calls (touch points)

10:30 - 12:00 - Process Payroll/Cheque Runs


Be as strict as possible with this one. It will help you stay focus on the tasks and value time.

Minimize mindless scrolling

We are ALL guilty of this. How many times during the day do you catch your self scrolling your Instagram!? There is nothing here to add other than we should all stop pointless social media scrolling during work time. Its truly is a time killer. Try to be disciplined and focused on this one.

Take a break

Something I just recently learned - the 52 and 17 rule. Its quite simple: 52 minutes of intense work followed by a 17-minute break. This may look like a lot of down time but it has proven to make your brain more productive. I use the app called FOCUS and set the timer for 52 minutes for focus and 17 minutes for break-time! During break-time make sure you get out of your desk, stretch and drink water! Our favorite water bottle is from Okanagan Lifestyle, check them out!

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