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As a mom of four, business owner, and completing my designation - avoiding burnout is almost impossible. It is important to have strategies in place to keep yourself on track.

Below are my tips to avoid burnout.

Rank your work by priority

If you have lots to accomplish, take time to prioritize your workload. This will clarify what has to be done immediately and what can wait. Accomplish tasks with important deadlines first, then tackle the lessor or more administrative tasks. Keep track of your progress - I keep a running task list and it feels SO GOOD to cross items off that list when they are completed. Once you have created a timeline, stick to it. This allows you to schedule that precious downtime with your family and friends - or for that much deserved self-care. The worst part of not having a task list or timeline is worrying about what you should be doing.

Choose three small tasks

Each day, choose three things you can accomplish in under 10 minutes. Get them done ASAP to promote a positive and productive attitude. Personally, these tasks to me are responding to emails, check point with clients, or arranging meetings.

Make sleep a priority

While staying up late to get a head start on task or playing catch-up may be required, it may be doing more harm than good. Have a set time and routine for bed, and if you are feeling tired a 30 minute nap can do wonders!

Simplify your goals

Instead of broad goals like "being organized" or "getting in shape" which can become overwhelming very quickly, focus on more specific targets. The ongoing success of easily attainable goals will boost your confidence and will allow you to try to tackle the more complex goals in time. A daily step in the right direction is often enough.

Say no to the non-essential

Avoiding burnout is impossible if you aim to please everyone. I was just having this conversation a couple days ago with a client. Being a people pleaser WILL BREAK YOU. Sometimes it's important to say 'no' to commitments you don't have time for. It's better to do one job well than it is to half-commit to two. Although, if you are like me you want to help everyone, sometimes you just can't. There are only so many hours in the day, and you need to be realistic. As a rule, if you don't have the time to do it well, you don't have time at all.

Move your body

Going for a run, a gym session, or tackling one of Maggie Gorges workouts may seem counterintuitive when you already have a hectic schedule. However, even a short at-home workout could change your mood and give you that energy you need to get through the day. Regular exercise can reduce stress, reduce cognitive decline, and increase productivity. So making time for a few squats could pay dividends.

Ask for help

The most important but hardest step to accept - Asking for help. Its okay to ask for help!

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